Sexological Bodyworkers are guides in learning sexual arousal management, the foundation of good sex.

Homestudy Course


Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., the founder of Sexological Bodywork, invites you to experience how humans learn sex. Profound embodied learning takes place when we repeat a practice mindfully over time. This practice can be fun, rewarding and transformational.

Although this course was designed for professional somatic sex educators, anyone committed to helping others to have better sex will benefit from this cutting-edge curriculum. Many individuals find the Sexological Bodywork Homestudy training materials and practices helpful for their work as sex coaches, therapists, sex educators, and sex workers. Some lovers take this course, integrating the erotic practice sessions into their lovemaking.

All professional Sexological Bodywork schools throughout the world use the Homestudy materials as the foundation of their professional certification trainings. However, the Homestudy course, upgraded each year, does not provide professional certification. Upon enrollment, you will have access for one year to all the materials including video teachings, an online course workbook, readings, and experiential assignments.

You can enroll in the Sexological Bodywork Homestudy course at anytime. Everyone chooses their own level of participation or non-participation. The curriculum contents for each of the five courses are listed below. Home schooling has never been so much fun.


The Sexological Bodywork Homestudy Curriculum 

Five Interwoven Courses and a Free Mini-Course

Free Erotic Bodywork Mini-Course

Learning erotic skills is best done when your client is sexually aroused. This mini-course focuses on Solo Sex Coaching to break free of habits and Erotic Massage Dancing to regulate sexual arousal within the body. This introduction to the teachings and practices of the Sexological Bodywork Homestudy has four short video demonstrations, fifteen minutes of reading and three suggestions for erotic practice. Go to the Free Erotic Bodywork Mini-Course.


Course One: Orgasmic Yoga: Practicing Sex

Learning Materials: 20 videos (172 min), 5 essays (52 pages) and 7 practice sessions.

Humans learn sex through practice, especially solo erotic practice. Your clients will develop new sexual skills and capacities by regularly engaging in mindful, erotic exercises we call Orgasmic Yoga. Your clients may need Orgasmic Yoga coaching to make the best use of their breathing, sexual arousal, savoring, movement, touch, placement of attention, and awareness of intention. Just as you will help your clients choreograph their solo sex sessions, you are invited to create seven solo sex sessions for yourself.

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Course Two: Coaching and Witnessing Mindful Masturbation

Learning Materials: 10 videos (103 min), 3 essays (120 pages), and 4 practice sessions.

Sexological Bodyworkers help their clients to choose mindful practices that transform long-term habits, routine sex lives, feelings of shame, difficulties in arousal, lack of sensation and chronic disembodiment. Body-based practices like Orgasmic Yoga are surprisingly effective and efficient in helping clients have better sex.

Witnessing a client’s solo sex sessions is one of the most powerful practices utilized by Sexological Bodyworkers. Witnessing requires an attitude of acceptance and kindness and provides a fertile space for the student to notice what is happening in their own body.  Non-judgmental witnessing is the foundation for all Sexological Bodywork sessions.

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Course Three: Professional Preparations & Anal Explorations

Learning Materials: 16 videos (354 min), 4 essays (95 pages), and 4 practice sessions.

Sexological Bodyworkers work with a “code of ethics that prohibits sexual and romantic relationships between practitioner and client. Our professional education includes hygiene standards, anatomical knowledge, sensitivity to issues of gender and sexual orientation, practice with empowering vulnerable clients, intake and assessment procedures and commitment to client-centered care.” (From Sexological Bodywork teacher Caffyn Jesse). In all Sexological Bodywork sessions, erotic touch is intended to be for the benefit, learning and pleasure of the client.

“Virtually anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, can become more aware of the anal area, learn to relax anal-rectal muscles and expand their capacity to enjoy whichever types of anal stimulation may be desired. Required, however, is sufficient motivation, a little patience, and a clear idea of how to proceed. Most important is the willingness to devote regular time and attention to anal exploration and to carry it out with calm persistence.” Anal explorations as described by Jack Morin, PhD., co-creator of Sexological Bodywork and author of Anal Pleasure and Health.

Some Sexological Bodyworkers work on the anal area as a metaphor for waking up the whole body. This can be true and effective when working with any part of body, but it is especially effective when working with the anal area because that part of the body is so often shut down and disassociated. Often, the results of anal work are incredibly powerful.

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Course Four: Erotic Bodywork

Learning Materials: 11 videos (86 min), 3 essays (13 pages), 10 audio breathing tapes and 4 practice sessions.

All too often, erotic massage involves a bodyworker sexually stimulating a passive receiver. This is not the case in the sex education practice known as Erotic Massage Dancing (EMD) or “active receiving”. In this somatic practice, an erotic bodyworker (an EBodyworker) provides stimulation to a receiver (a Dancer) to help them focus their attention on their own sexual arousal. The Dancer actively brings an awareness to their own sexual arousal through breathing rhythms, simple body movements, sounds and self-touch.

Erotic Massage Dancing invites the receiver to “dance their arousal” by bringing more movement, sound, breathing and self-touch into their massage session. In addition, the Dancer guides the EBodyworker’s touch. These practices help the Dancer to regulate their level of arousal and integrate it into all parts of their body.

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Course Five: Trauma-Informed Erotic Touch & Genital Mapping

Learning Materials: 21 videos (322 min), 9 essays (124 pages), and 4 practice sessions.

Sexological Bodyworkers are not trauma therapists, rather we are trauma-informed somatic sex educators. “A trauma-informed practice means we have learned how to spot the living effects of trauma in a human body, to assess when a client is in acute distress and in need of more specific professional support and how to, above all, create a space and a way-of-being in our practices where we are eminently careful of and sensitive to the many ways trauma shows up and can be triggered.” From Trauma, Sexological Bodyworker Christiane Pelmas’ textbook available in this course.  Sexological Bodywork trainings often begin with trauma-informed education.

Genital Mapping is a contemplative touch practice developed by Joseph Kramer that brings awareness and sensation to forgotten tissues. With the tip of one finger, the mapper touches points on the vulva, vaginal wall or penis. The receiver decides where the mapper touches, how long a point is held and with how much pressure. Using touch to consciously bring attention to specific tissues of the genitals is crucial for reclaiming and coming home to the body.

The loss of sensation from scar tissue, especially in the genital area, is accepted as normal. The good news is that massage on scar tissue overtime, especially with castor oil, can bring back erotic sensations. These regular touch sessions for remediating scar tissue are best done as a self-practice.

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