Sexological Bodyworkers are guides in learning sexual arousal management, the foundation of good sex.

Course One: Orgasmic Yoga – Practicing Sex

Learning Materials

20 videos (172 min), 5 essays (52 pages) and 7 practice sessions

Humans learn sex through practice, especially solo erotic practice. Your clients will develop new sexual skills and capacities by regularly engaging in mindful, erotic exercises we call Orgasmic Yoga. Your clients may need Orgasmic Yoga coaching to make the best use of their breathing, sexual arousal, savoring, movement, touch, placement of attention, and awareness of intention. Just as you will help your clients choreograph their solo sex sessions, you are invited to create seven solo sex sessions for yourself.


  • Course One encourages you to immerse yourself in solo sex explorations with creativity and with a willingness to feel sensations.
  • Remaining mindful of intention during erotic practice enhances learning in your clients and triggers profound changes in their prefrontal cortex.
  • Most sexual learning takes place outside your clients’ comfort zone.
  • Therapist Rick Hanson’s “installation” method helps your clients remember new erotic skills.
  • Evaluating practice sessions: reflection questions are suggested about stated intentions, feeling-states, surprises, distractions, habits, frozenness and more.
  • Twenty-five different Orgasmic Yoga choreographies are available for individuals to make use of in creating their practice sessions.
  • Do your clients have sex in order to feel, to connect or to play?
  • Standing during self touch allows your clients to bring more movement into their practice while breaking long-term habits.
  • Clients will not learn just by watching videos, but by watching and involving their bodies.
  • Conscious breathing at different rhythms during solo sex helps us awaken our erotic potential.
  • In addition to sexual learning, erotic practice brings innumerable benefits for the brain and the body.

ENROLL NOW in the Yoga of Sex