Sexological Bodyworkers are guides in learning sexual arousal management, the foundation of good sex.

Course Five: Trauma-Informed Erotic Touch & Genital Mapping

Learning Materials

21 videos (322 min), 9 essays (124 pages), and 4 practice sessions.

Sexological Bodyworkers are not trauma therapists, rather we are trauma-informed somatic sex educators. “A trauma-informed practice means we have learned how to spot the living effects of trauma in a human body, to assess when a client is in acute distress and in need of more specific professional support and how to, above all, create a space and a way-of-being in our practices where we are eminently careful of and sensitive to the many ways trauma shows up and can be triggered.” From Trauma, Sexological Bodyworker Christiane Pelmas’ textbook available in this course.

Genital Mapping is a contemplative touch practice developed by Joseph Kramer that brings awareness and sensation to forgotten tissues. With the tip of one finger, the mapper touches points on the vulva, vaginal wall or penis. The receiver decides where the mapper touches, how long a point is held and with how much pressure. Using touch to consciously bring attention to specific tissues of the genitals is crucial for reclaiming and coming home to the body.

The loss of sensation from scar tissue, especially in the genital area, is accepted as normal. The good news is that massage on scar tissue overtime, especially with castor oil, can bring back erotic sensations. These regular touch sessions for remediating scar tissue are best done as a self-practice.


  • Assumptions we make about gender can shape and misshape our relationship with clients and the choices we offer them.
  • Barbara Carrellas of Urban Tantra demonstrates both intake and ways to massage trans bodies.
  • Massaging a two-month old genital scar with castor oil helps avoid the spread of fibrotic tendrils and brings back sensation.
  • Somatic educator Staci Haines offers a series of body-based exercises in her film Healing Sex (2 hrs), for use in our trauma-informed work with clients.
  • As a trauma-informed practitioner, how might you support clients in feeling grounded, safe and empowered?
  • The prolonged arousal of erotic bodywork can help us move beyond sexual habits and facilitate interoceptive awareness. This creates the opportunity for our clients to make good decisions.
  • Jaiya offers guidance for teaching intimate touch skills to couples. This is crucial sex education.


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