Sexological Bodyworkers are guides in learning sexual arousal management, the foundation of good sex.

Course Four: Erotic Massage Dancing

Learning Materials

11 videos (86 min), 3 essays (8 pages), 10 audio breathing tapes and 4 practice sessions.

All too often, erotic massage involves a bodyworker sexually stimulating a passive receiver. This is not the case in the sex education practice known as Erotic Massage Dancing (EMD) or “active receiving”. In this somatic practice, an erotic bodyworker (an EBodyworker) provides stimulation to a receiver (a Dancer) to help them focus their attention on their own sexual arousal. The Dancer actively brings an awareness to their own sexual arousal through breathing rhythms, simple body movements, sounds and self-touch.

Erotic Massage Dancing invites the receiver to “dance their arousal” by bringing more movement, sound, breathing and self-touch into their massage session. In addition, the Dancer guides the EBodyworker’s touch. These practices help the Dancer to regulate their level of arousal and integrate it into all parts of their body.


  • Course Four is where your hands and heart are educated in offering erotic bodywork. The more skilled you are with erotic touch, the better the experience will be for your client. However, even individuals who do not have a background in massage or erotic touch can effectively use the savoring techniques taught in Course Four to offer powerful somatic learning to their clients. 
  • Managing sexual arousal involves learning new sexual skills while letting go of limiting sexual arousal habits. Some of the most common arousal habits involve shallow or constricted breathing, limited body movement, squeezing of thighs, mechanical rubbing of the genitals, stifling of sound, and going away from the body into fantasy or thinking.
  • One of the joys of erotic massage is accessing different types of arousal. With your help, your clients will discover states of arousal that make learning easy, offer full body pleasure and open up their hearts.
  • In EMD, one learns to manage sexual arousal with touch, breath and movement to either increase sexual arousal, decrease sexual arousal or maintain a level of arousal. The increase of sexual arousal, which involves an increase in neural firing, is called up-regulation. Down-regulation names the calming of sexual arousal and a decrease in neural firing.
  • Erotic massage separates the experience of giving and receiving touch. The Dancer can practice regulating arousal and savoring sensations without having to be concerned about a partner’s pleasure.
  • Guiding your clients in fast circular breathing during erotic bodywork helps them to stay focused on their bodily sensations and interrupts habits of going off into erotic fantasy or self-judgment. 
  • Ten different breathing recordings will guide your practice of circular breathing, Wim Hof breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, resonance frequency breathing, and more. Different ways of breathing change how we feel the sexual arousal in our bodies.
  • Several ways of moving while receiving erotic massage and breathing are taught, including Betty Dodson’s Rock ‘n Roll Orgasm, where you “move your pelvis like Elvis.”
  • The Five-Minute Savoring practice helps the EBodyworker learn erotic touch skills and helps the Dancer learn placement of attention skills.
  • During an erotic massage, conscious breathing synchronized with body movement can spread feelings of sexual arousal throughout the body.
  • The erotic roots of Sexological Bodywork can be found in the Taoist Erotic Massage created by Joseph Kramer–where the emphasis is on sexual arousal rather than orgasm/release.
  • Course Four ends with several videos demonstrating somatic creativity during erotic massage.


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