Sexological Bodyworkers are guides in learning sexual arousal management, the foundation of good sex.

Course Four: Erotic Bodywork

Learning Materials

19 videos (171 min), 3 essays (8 pages), and 7 practice sessions.

Both Taoist Erotic Massage and Erotic Massage Dancing can be taught to your clients as pleasurable, intimate touch experiences for them to use with lovers and friends. These two massages also provide excellent opportunities for your clients to monitor their own arousal levels and to learn erotic self-regulation. Teaching your clients these massages can be truly  transformative for their erotic education.

Taoist Erotic Massage is not intended to produce orgasms or ejaculation. This intention frees the receiver from chasingorgasm – the major habit of sex – and allows the focus to be on savoring pleasure.

Erotic Massage Dancing invites the receiver to “dance their arousal” by bringing more movement, sound, breathing and self-touch into their massage session. In addition, the receiver guides the bodyworker’s touch. These practices help the receiver to regulate their level of arousal and integrate it into all parts of their body.


  • Course Four is where your hands and heart are educated in offering erotic bodywork. Let the Sexological Bodyworkers in the video demonstrations guide your practice.
  • You will learn fifty different ways to touch your client’s genitals. Each genital touch produces different sensations for your clients to enjoy.
  • One of the joys of erotic massage is accessing different types of arousal. With your help, your clients will discover states of arousal that make learning easy, offer full body pleasure and open up the heart.
  • Erotic massage separates the experience of giving and receiving touch. The receiver can practice regulating arousal and savoring sensations without having to be concerned about a partner’s pleasure.
  • Guiding your clients in fast circular breathing during erotic bodywork helps them to stay focused on their bodily sensations and interrupts habits of going off into erotic fantasy or self-judgement.
  • During an erotic massage, conscious breathing synchronized with body movement can spread feelings of sexual arousal throughout the body.


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