Sexological Bodyworkers are guides in learning sexual arousal management, the foundation of good sex.

Course Two: Coaching and Witnessing Mindful Masturbation

Learning Materials

10 videos (103 min), 3 essays (120 pages), and 4 practice sessions.

Sexological Bodyworkers help their clients to choose mindful practices that transform long-term habits, routine sex lives, feelings of shame, difficulties in arousal, lack of sensation and chronic disembodiment. Body-based practices like Orgasmic Yoga are surprisingly effective and efficient in helping clients have better sex.

Witnessing a client’s solo sex sessions is one of the most powerful practices utilized by Sexological Bodyworkers. Witnessing requires an attitude of acceptance and kindness and provides a fertile space for the student to notice what is happening in their own body.  Non-judgmental witnessing is the foundation for all Sexological Bodywork sessions.


  • The intention of Sexological Bodyworkers is not to “fix” clients or solve sexual problems, but rather to help their clients have better sex.
  • Even though our work is about fostering good sex, it is important to recognize the traumatic influences of religious upbringing, cultural norms and socioeconomic conditions on our clients’ sexual health.
  • Betty Dodson’s approach to coaching masturbation: begin with an exploration of genital anatomy before clitoral stimulation with a Magic Wand.
  • Introduction to Mindful Masturbation Coaching by Joseph Kramer (complete text)
  • Arousal coaching involves: 1) awareness of the aliveness within 2) noticing any changes in our habitual ways of arousal and 3) exploring those changes with on-going practice.
  • Body scanning may be the most important mindfulness process we can teach our clients.
  • Daniel Siegel’s Wheel of Awareness body scan is explored because it brings attention to more dimensions of embodiment than most body scans.
  • Skilled erotic coaches can discern the degree of sensory-motor amnesia (or genital numbness) in their clients by witnessing them masturbate.
  • Masturbation coaching and masturbation witnessing are two powerful but very different modalities of Sexological Bodywork. And can be done over Zoom.
  • Witnessing your clients masturbate helps them to break habits. Watch them with curiosity and unconditional acceptance, avoiding judgements and making no evaluations during or after the session.


ENROLL NOW in the Yoga of Sex