Sexological Bodywork


The Optimum Breath Practice
– Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

Humans in Western society normally breathe between 12 and 18 breaths per minute. Breathing at approximately 5.5 breaths per minute is perhaps the healthiest pace we humans can breathe. This is called Resonance Frequency Breathing.

Taoist Erotic Massage
– Ben Haggard

Sexological Bodyworker Ben Haggard tells of his fifteen years of working with Taoist Erotic Massage as a spiritual practice and as a way of making love. This essay is an edited transcription of his teaching in the DVD Fire on the Mountain - Male Genital Massage.

Lovers Massage and Sexual Well Being
– Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

This essay explores four different approaches to using massage to benefit couple’s sexual well-being.

The Erotic Mind by Jack Morin - A Summary and Review
– Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.

The Erotic Mind provides the best sex education available today. Morin’s description of human sexuality is not only informative but transformative. This very readable book is part of every sexological bodyworker’s certification training. This book is the perfect gift for a young person beginning college or getting married.

Sex as We Mature - It Only Gets Better!
– Margaret L. Wade

Certified Sexological Bodyworker Margaret Wade discusses how Sexological Bodywork can help increase pleasure, comfort and relaxation as we age. First published in Open Exchange Magazine, Jan/Feb/March 2005.

How to Touch
Four Conscious Breaths
–Barbara Carrellas from Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century