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Sexological Bodywork Session as Described by a Client

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In Elephant Journal, Melissa Drake describes a sexual wholeness session she received from Rahi Chun in Los Angeles. Melissa describes her experiences in a three-part article, which you can access here 

After a thorough intake, Melissa’s session began with TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises) and a full-body, deep tissue massage. This was followed by a genital massage. Below is a segment of the article. 

For the vaginal portion of my massage, Rahi sat on the massage table opposite me, with his legs straddling the table. I was on my back with my legs on top of his. He was certain to put pillows between our legs to ensure there was no skin-to-skin contact. This interesting configuration gave him easy access to my pelvis and a necessary visual to do his work. He asked permission before he touched me and communicated with me the entire time—just as he did with the full body massage.

Unlike my first yoni massage, where orgasm was the goal, Rahi purposefully avoided initiating an orgasm so we could, as he said, “Continually expand the body’s capacity for embodied presence and pleasure in order to reveal any areas of contraction in the form of pain or numbness or resistance to receiving or dissociation or overwhelm, which often reveal feelings of fear, sadness, or resentment.” I liked the idea of letting things unfold naturally. 

More than a year later, Melissa reflects on her Sexological Bodywork session with Rahi:  

Since my session with Rahi, I’ve felt much more comfortable in my own body and have been exploring my sexuality, both on my own and with new partners. I’ve deepened my sexual ownership and experienced multiple orgasms for the first time…When you own your pleasure, you can feel good whenever you choose.

As a result of feeling good, I’ve found increased opportunities—both personally and professionally—that are leading me closer to my dreams. The work I did with Rahi is continuing to help me grow and I know that will only continue. I’m grateful that our paths crossed. Synchronicity is a beautiful thing—and so is sexual wholeness. 

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