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The Nipple Whisperer Reading Guide

I loved reading Lui’s descriptions of being of erotic service to men. He has a way with words. For example, “When I put my hands on someone’s nipples, I become a bit of a safe-cracker.”

I told him that I was recommending his book to participants in Love’s Embodiment. I asked him to let participants know sections of his book that would support their erotic bodywork explorations. Here is Lui’s guidance for reading The Nipple Whisperer.

The Nipple Whisperer

by Lui

The central theme of The Nipple Whisperer is of awakening pleasure. Pleasure that lies dormant, waiting for its chance to come alive and be integrated into the body’s pleasure system. The title itself suggests the Nipple Whisperer is someone that can feel sensually and intuitively into a mysterious creature that others might find confounding and create change.

For an erotic touch focused reading of The Nipple Whisperer, The Nipple Whisperer chapter itself is the primary resource. With the Scale of Nipple Touch, we are invited into a spectrum of touch that includes all bodies. From 0 (no touch) to 10 (ouch!), we look to find our own pleasure on the scale and how to play every set of nipples that comes our way.

At the end of most every chapter throughout the book, there is a small pearl of a paragraph that expands The Nipple Whisperer methodology. It looks at ideas of surrender, evolving pleasure and ritual. To let the body breathe and to let the intelligence of ecstasy have its spotlight. 

In addition to Nipples, there are three other chapters that give touch a central focus that are best read in their entirety.

Shallow Diver is an exploration of connecting touch with guided visualization in working with differently abled bodies.

Yearning Bottom looks at somatic efforts that a receiver can make to meet a practitioner that is working to awaken pleasure through massage.

The Intimacy Room, with its diagram of the Three Rooms of Embodied Pleasure offers a visual map of the abstract somatic terrain of pleasure within which we all practice, give and learn.

The whole is a great, fun, sexy read. But in preparation for a workshop on erotic massage, this focused reading of The Nipple Whisperer will give you the hard wired buttons to chew on.