Sexological Bodyworkers are guides in learning sexual arousal management, the foundation of good sex.

The Art of Erotic Savoring

Free Zoom Gathering on February 18 at 11am PT
with Paula Fernanda, Tiago Brumatti and Joseph Kramer

You are invited to learn Savorings, an erotic touch practice that produces extraordinary results–enhancing genital sensitivity while focusing the receiver’s attention. This practice also benefits practitioners wishing to go deeper into erotic touch.

Joseph writes: I first taught the Savoring practice eight years ago in Brazil. This became the favorite erotic touch practice of students in all of Brazil’s Sexological Bodywork trainings. Paula, Tiago and I would like to share our experiences teaching the Savorings practice and how to offer it. This Zoom will include a short, explicit video demonstration from Cosmo Meens and his partner Casia Sobolewski. There will be time for questions. Join us and discover a whole new way of pleasuring genitals. I will send each person who enrolls (whether they attend the class or not) a written description of the Savoring practice.

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