Sexological Bodyworkers are guides in learning sexual arousal management, the foundation of good sex.

Sustained Sexual Arousal (SSA) Training

March 3, 10, 17, 24, 11am-1pm PT  (Four Zoom Gatherings)

with Joseph Kramer, PhD

The title of this class comes from John Ryan Haule, who writes:

Sexual arousal may induce an altered state of consciousness that is available to anyone willing to explore it. But, as with meditation and shamanic journeying, the non-ordinary conscious state generated in sustained sexual arousal constitutes an opportunity one must learn to use.

This class is a communal investigation into the use and celebration of this altered state of consciousness. 

Today, we face an epidemic of disembodiment—a widespread disconnection from our bodies and the natural world around us. This collective inability to connect with our aliveness leaves many of us feeling lost. But there is a powerful medicine that challenges this disembodiment head-on: sustained sexual arousal (SSA).

We will also be exploring sexual arousal as a feeling state, as a bodily state, as an altered state of consciousness. Each of us feels this state differently. Becoming more mindful of sexual arousal gives us access to our inner landscape. This interoceptive awareness helps us make better decisions about our health, our relationships and our desires.

The bodily state of enlivenment that comes from sustained sexual arousal can be the basis for feelings of connectedness with ourselves, with others and with our living green planet. 

​​Our practices will be about integrating sexual arousal into our bodies and lives and playing with that arousal, making consequential use of that arousal.  Here is how I, Joseph Kramer, came to know the potential of sustained sexual arousal:

When I look back on sixty-five years of masturbating, I am most grateful for those periods of extended arousal. I call those almost effortless, prolonged stroke sessions: Sustained Sexual Arousal. This flow state has been my place of power, creativity and wisdom.


Body Electric classes were invented during sustained sexual arousal. Three Circles, Taoist Erotic Massage, Erotic Massage Dancing and dozens of other erotic teaching structures came to me during this glorious state. The idea and even the details necessary for creating the profession of Sexological Bodywork were birthed in lucid streams of sexual arousal. I try to use this state to make all important decisions.

The SSA practices facilitate neuroplasticity. Sexual arousal changes our brains, helping us to replace limiting erotic habits and rigid ways of thinking.

You are invited to spend the month of March with me and a community of erotic researchers. What surprises lie ahead as we practice sustained sexual arousal? Perhaps your learnings in March will be an upgrade for your next five thousand masturbation sessions. 

There will be no nudity on camera. Participants will be invited to make use of a Fleshlight (penis-owners) or a Hitachi magic wand (vulva-owners) or similar toys. Vibrating butt plugs are encouraged for everyone. More information on the class, the toys, and the three-month access to video demonstrations will be in your welcome email.

Let’s together change the way we play with ourselves.