Sexological Bodyworkers are guides in learning sexual arousal management, the foundation of good sex.

Erotic Homeschooling

Video Lessons in Playing with Sexual Arousal


All participants in Easton Mountain’s Mission23 and Experimental Erotic Massage Games have a membership till the end of June to the sex education resources: The best teachers in the world offer step-by-step video classes in vulva, penis and anal massage. Learn to include your hands in your lovemaking. Learn erotic practices that combine sustained sexual arousal with breathing, movement, sound, touch and attention in order to learn new erotic skills and promote sexual well-being. (Always free). Learn two amazing practices that will help you fully feel and enjoy the pleasures of your own sensuous body as you masturbate to porn. You can explore dozens more Embodied Porn Watching practices at

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These websites offer 55 different video classes in topics as diverse as Erotic Thai Massage and giving good head. Below you will find my recommendations for your exploration along with my personal favorites.

Erotic Massage Videos

Ben and Joe (26 anal massage minutes) Ben Haggard, Joe Miron and Joseph Kramer co-taught the first class offered by Easton Mountain 23 years ago. The quality of Ben’s touch is astonishing. 

Hard Cock Dancing (12 minutes) Active receiving, also called Erotic Massage Dancing, involves the receiver dancing their arousal. 

Penis Massage from a Man – from Joseph Kramer’s Fire on the Mountain (24 minutes) Thirty amazing ways to pleasure a penis with your hands.

Soft Cock Erotic Massage (39 or 43 minutes) Enjoy the massage with or without commentary. 

Prostate Pleasure Mapping (13 minutes) Explores the relationship between communication and arousal. 

Rainbow Rubbing (17 minutes) The written guidance is helpful. 

Solo Sex Videos

Jack’s Erotic Body Scan (36 minutes) Important to read the text in order to understand the context of this session.  

Thrusting Practice (25 minutes) Astonishing. From the video journals of Philip Deal – former member of Easton Mountain community. 

Communal Orgasmic Yoga for Men (9:30 minutes) Filmed by HBO. 

My Pleasure Body Song (49 minutes) The most creative solo sex celebration ever filmed. You will be inspired to explore what more is possible in your solo sex sessions. You’ll find Pawel’s structure in the course text.

Jack’s Breakthrough Session 11 (65 minutes) Brilliant sexual arousal management (see text for details).  If you watch porn, the Embodied Porn Watching videos can be life-changing.

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