Sexological Bodywork

Zarahy Román Dominguéz

Zarahy is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker.
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Visit her in Colombia or meet with her by Skype.

Zarahy Román Dominguéz

I offer a safe place to engage in body-based learning. If you wish to expand your capacity for love and pleasure, if you wish to dissolve emotional and sexual blockages and traumas, if you wish to experience more creativity and depth in your intimate life, please contact me. I wish to assist you.

I use intention, breath, sound, movement, touch, dance, art, yoga, shamanism, ancestral medicines, nutrition and sexual arousal. I invite you to explore your body’s potential to vibrate in endless pleasure. This pleasure integrates and heals.

I offer workshops, retreats and trainings, as well as individual sessions in Colombia and throughout Latin America. We can also meet by Skype. People of all genders and sexual preferences are welcome.

Ofrezco espacios seguros para experimentar y aprender a expandir la capacidad de amar, expandir el placer, disolviendo bloqueos sexuales, emocionales, traumas y conectarse con la creatividad y  una vida más plena e intima. 

Lo experimentarás a través la intención, respiración, sonido, canto sanador, movimiento, toques, danzas, arte, Yoga, Chamanismo, medicinas ancestrales, y nutrición; explorando e integrando las potencialidades de nuestro cuerpo. Bienvenidos todos los géneros y preferencias sexuales. Namaste.

Contact Zarahy wp +57 312 713 49 03