Sexological Bodywork

William Van Vechten, CSB

William Van Vechten

Do you believe in the power of attraction?

So do I. But how can we overcome the blocks or limitations, and the ways we sabotage ourselves? The answer is full embodiment.

Would you enjoy being more in touch with your body's wisdom and delight?

I can help you discover the power that full connection with your body can offer.

Do you have relationship issues?

Doesn't everyone? I can help you see the other viewpoint, and stand up for your own. Find the ability to use everything — whether pleasant, messy, chaotic or joyful — as opportunities for conscious growth. Long-term sexual relationships can be miserably painful. Or they can be incredible opportunities for personal empowerment and true happiness.

Would you like your pleasure free of interruptions by shame, guilt, or embarrassment?

Shame, guilt and embarrassment were imposed upon you when you were very young. Your mind cannot let them go until your body does. Journey into your mind and body and discover the possibilities of freedom that sensations can bring.

Would you relish a greater sense of purpose, power and inspiration in your life?

When you learn to welcome body wisdom into your conscious mind, you naturally feel more focused, empowered and creative!

I am William Van Vechten a guide to improved relationships and greater sensual and sexual pleasure. I don't provide these things to you, I support you as you find the answers within yourself. I work as a coach, an ally, and a confidant. Let me guide you to discover your own power and full passion.


phone: 760-489-4058