Sexological Bodywork

Vajrand (Randy Ralston)

Somatic Sexologist. Intimacy and Relationship Coach

"Bringing greater pleasure, ease, freedom, and fulfillment to your body, relationships, and life. Experience safe, non-judgmental somatic learning through intuitive, authentic presence."
Vajrand (Randy Ralston)

Hello and welcome!

My name is Vajrand and I am a professional, State-certified somatic sexologist and intimacy & relationship coach.

My passion and purpose is to educate and facilitate individuals’ (re)discovering and (re)claiming their authentic, direct relationship to themselves through their own body and sexuality.

This is done through a personalised combination of conscious communication, touch*, breath, movement, and masculine presence in a safe, respectful, confidential environment.

I bring trained and experienced therapeutic touch to all areas of a person’s body for education, healing, and pleasure. Through this unique specialty, previously ignored muscles, tendons, and nerves can be accessed both externally and internally as needed. Scar tissue remediation as a result of surgery, childbirth, and sexual abuse or other trauma is also offered.

I engage the body’s amazing neuroplasticity through awareness, arousal, and feedback helping clients overcome erotic sensory-motor amnesia, releasing negative conditioning & past physical/emotional trauma. This allows their physical & emotional body’s natural wisdom to reset, align, and harmonise itself naturally.

The subsequent self-healing from my sessions results in a more whole, empowered person who frequently has:


I accept referrals and work in collaboration with other professionals, such as therapists, medical doctors, social workers, and other health care providers.


My private practice is based in Ireland but I also travel to the UK and other parts of Europe, depending upon circumstances. Please enquire.


All abilities, sizes, sexual and relationship preferences, and orientations are loved, respected, and welcomed – this is a sex-positive, kink-friendly offering.

Although I specialize in women and female-bodied individuals, my work helping people deepen their sexual embodiment is available to all gender-identities and sexes.


Born and raised in California, Ireland has been my home since 2002. This multi-national perspective has given me a unique, intuitive style free of dogma, rigidity, complication, judgement, expectations.


‘You’ve reminded me how to be more caring and respectful of myself. I was surprised that some of what we found stayed with me for so long as a reminder of a vulnerability I haven’t felt in a long time in the presence of another. Your touch is beautifully natural – a real gift.’ - F., Kildare, Ireland

‘I trusted my body to you and loved how you understood it and were very in tune with me. I found comfort in your professionalism.’ - F., Wicklow, Ireland

‘It was a very powerful, deep, and inspiring experience. Vajrand, you have a great awareness and a strong, intuitive, authentic presence. You got right away a deep insight into my current struggles and helped me to see them so clearly. I feel like the Universe is telling me that there is this Beauty within me and it is time to bring it out and fully appreciate it.’ - B., Poland