Sexological Bodywork

Sexological Bodywork Certificate Course, California 2016

This somatic training provides direct experiential learning opportunities that emphasize erotic embodiment. Participants learn a variety of Sexological Bodywork modalities, including vulva, penis and anal massage, sensate focus, pelvic release work, breathwork and masturbation coaching. Furthermore, participants experience how humans learn erotic and sexual embodiment—through mindful practice over time. This course will prepare practitioners to teach somatic sex education to individuals, couples and groups. Students must interview with one of the faculty before enrolling. Contact Liam Snowdon at to arrange for an interview.

This Sexological Bodywork training makes use of online learning, home erotic practice sessions, video demonstrations, and communal erotic practice. During the 14-day Intensive, participants and instructors gather to hone erotic skills, to explore communal erotic trance states, and to connect with their colleagues in the new profession of Sexological Bodywork. Finally, in Module lll, students are supervised for twenty-five sessions with individuals and small groups. Each student has a personal somatic coach for the entire training.

The erotic education in this course is communal: we learn from each other and with each other. This training welcomes diversity in sexual identities, gender, and age.

Learning Objectives

• Students learn genital massage, sensate focus, pelvic release, breathwork, and masturbation coaching.

• Participants study somatic learning theory, which teaches that the most profound sexual education is found through mindful practice over time. Students learn to be a resource and guide for others’ erotic practice sessions.

• Students learn to use a variety of media in their teaching, including sex education DVDs and online streaming video.

• Participants use touch, breath, and focused attention to become familiar with, articulate about, and competent in the uses of profound ecstatic and erotic states.

• Students develop a beginning competence in masturbation coaching.

• Using Silvan Tomkins’ affect theory, students learn body-based interventions to deal with sexual shame in themselves and in others. Using Donald Mosher’s depth of sexual involvement theory, students learn to assist others in achieving profound levels of sexual intimacy with themselves.

• Students learn about transference and how to deal with client’s emotions (i.e. “falling in love”, anger and disappointment).

• Students learn when to offer referrals to doctors, psychotherapists and other health care professionals as well as working in conjunction with these professionals.

• Participants learn how to present themselves professionally to prospective clients and to other professionals.

• Participants experience and understand the communal nature of embodiment and sexuality, making use of their relationships with others in their learning.

• Students learn to assess embodiment and mindfulness as indicators of sexual health and well-being.

• Participants learn the basics of beginning a successful Sexological Bodywork practice, including marketing, networking, presenting yourself, ethics, and how to launch your practice.

Course Structure

Students participate in six weeks of online group study before attending a 14-day Intensive. Upon completion of all requirements, including 25 credits of supervised work to be completed after the Embodiment Intensive, students will receive a Certificate in Sexological Bodywork.

Graduates from this professional training can become members of The Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (ACSB).

Prerequisites for Enrollment

The basic prerequisite for this training is a heartfelt commitment to serve others. This training was designed to build on the experience of individuals who are already working as bodyworkers, sex educators, yoga instructors, psychotherapists, or health care providers or others who are inspired to work with people around their sexuality.

The application process includes a telephone interview with one of the instructors.

Students must have a high-speed internet connection in order to access the group discussions, the video demonstrations, and other course materials.

Online Group Study

Mindful somatic practice over time is the core of the home study program. Online video demonstrations and important sexological readings provide a survey of the new field of somatic sexology with an emphasis on erotic bodywork, masturbation coaching, anal pleasure, and sexual health. Each student reports to the group twice a week about his or her erotic practice and learning.

A private forum at The New School of Erotic Touch ( facilitates the sharing of homework assignments, while providing a place for online discussions and communications with the instructors.

The online home-study course workbook directs practice sessions, course readings and video viewings. Students should allocate between fifteen and twenty hours each week for the six weeks of home study. Students are encouraged to divide their home schooling evenly between erotic practice sessions and study of video and texts. Students who have not completed the home study requirements cannot attend the Embodiment Intensive.

Embodiment Intensive

After six weeks of group online learning, students and faculty come together to practice communally. The 14 days of the Intensive include instruction and practice in breathwork, movement, sensate focus, erotic bodywork, and masturbation coaching. Special emphasis is placed on learning to work with others and guide their erotic practice sessions. Every person touches and coaches every other person in the training. Additionally, you learn professional aspects including marketing, networking, presenting yourself, ethics, and how to launch your practice.

During the Intensive, students deepen the erotic practice begun in the home study. The following modalities are emphasized:

Somatic Sex Coaching

This form of sex coaching involves taking on the role of erotic educator. Participants help others to overcome shame and erotic sensory-motor amnesia, allowing both personal and communal erotic embodiment. They also facilitate learning and erotic mindfulness in others.

Conscious Breathwork

Breathing is a foundational tool of Sexological Bodywork. Several different breathing methods are taught. Students learn to help others expand their capacity for sexual excitement and erotic joy through breathing.

Masturbation Coaching

Masturbation coaching is an astonishingly effective means to assist others to break free of limiting habits and to go deep into erotic experience. The major technique in masturbation coaching is witnessing and being witnessed. Students give and receive individual coaching sessions as well as participate in and facilitate group coaching structures. The motto of masturbation coaching is: “Change the way you masturbate, change your life."

Erotic Bodywork

Through both giving and receiving erotic touch, students learn several forms of genital and anal massage. This erotic bodywork often results in trance states. Students also learn to teach this bodywork to couples and groups as a form of lovemaking.

The California Faculty

Liam ”Captain” Snowdon

Captain co-teaches both the Canadian and American Sexological Bodyworker Training. He is also on the faculty of The Institute for Sexual Enrichment, Enlightenment and Education in Hartford, Connecticut. He is currently thrilled to be the Interm President of The Association of Sexological Bodyworkers.

In his private practice he delights in working with motivated individuals and folks in a variety of relationship configurations to give them tools to communicate their desires, practice there boundaries and change their lives. Captain has had great success working online, face to face and in groups. He offers packages of sessions, homework and erotic adventure assignments that require commitment and have life changing results. He has a long history working in kink, LGBTQ and Poly Communities. He lives in both Victoria, Canada where he runs SPARC- The Sex Positive Art and Resource Center and in Portland, OR.

Frey Drosera

Frey is an artist and Sexological Bodyworker, currently living in Santa Cruz, California. She has earned her Certification in Sexological Bodywork from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Mixed Media from Alfred University. Frey has also served as one of the Teacher’s Assistant for the Spring 2014 and Fall 2014 Sexological Bodywork trainings in San Francisco. Frey is passionate about helping people to become more embodied by weaving together eroticism, fine art expression, and nature. Frey is currently working on The Erotic Arts Project, a project designed to inspire people to create while in erotically embodied states.  

To Enroll

Contact Liam Snowdon at to arrange for an interview. Enrollment forms and procedures can be found at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality website: Feel free to contact Liam with questions about the course content.

Contact the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality at 415-928-1133 or for enrollment and other logistical information.