Sexological Bodywork

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2017 & 2018 Professional Trainings in Sexological Bodywork

These programs train and certify somatic sex educators. Although touch may be used as one of the educational modalities, Sexological Bodyworkers are not a new type of massage therapist. We are certified sexologists focusing on education.

The trainings below emphasize session structure, embodied skills, professional practice, and group facilitation. Please note that trainings in Australia and the UK include the price of accommodations in their tuition.

Zürich, Switzerland

October 19, 2015–-February 28, 2016. Information about the Swiss Training.

British Columbia, Canada

February 1, 2018. Create your own schedule. Learn more about the Canadian Training


February 10, 2018–July 31, 2018 Learn more about the Thailand Training.

Munich, Germany

February 26, 2018–-July 22, 2018. Learn_more_about_the_Munich_Training.

U.K. and Ireland

March 10, 2018–September 23, 2018. Learn more about the UK Training.

Natal, Brazil

May 28, 2018–January 6, 2019. Information about the Brazilian Training.

Los Angeles, USA

June 1–December 10, 2018. Learn more about the LA Training.

Berlin, Germany

July 23, 2018–November 12, 2018. Learn more about the Berlin Training.

Australia and New Zealand

September 14, 2018–March 31, 2019. Learn more about the Australian Training.

U.K. and Ireland

September 9, 2018–February 24, 2018. Learn more about this UK Training.

Differences in the Certification Trainings

Sexological Bodywork Home Schooling

The Yoga of Sex is the entire Sexological Bodywork course online for your home study.