Sexological Bodywork

Susanna Flow, CSB

Frankfurt, Germany,

When the capability to savor and to feel pleasure is inborn in all of us and when education is a human right, how could erotic education be anything else but our inborn birthright, too?

My roots are within music and sports education, that is why I explain myself as an erotic instructor for sensual fitness and sexual well being.

I provide erotic education through regular exercise proposals, workshops, lectures and courses for women and men of any gender, race, age and attraction. My approach is somatic and based on your own experience. During states of full embodiment and sensual awareness, you reach profound erotic states which are highly self-educational, transforming and healing. Thus I teach by facilitating experimental training occasions for your intense sensual learning experience. My aim is to increase my students' abilities for and habits towards a more pleasurable, ecstatic, joyful and orgasmic lifestyle by being your erotic mentor.