Sexological Bodywork

The following is a segment from Somatic Inquiry #1 of the Professional Sexological Bodywork training, The hyperlinks in this sample text are not operative, The experiential exercises are not included here.

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“Being mindful in our lives is a skill that can be cultivated… In every sense of the term mindful—being conscientious and intentional in what we do, being open and creative with possibilities, or being aware of the present moment without grasping onto judgments—being mindful is a state of awareness that enables us to be flexible and receptive and to have presence. "
(Daniel Siegel, The Mindful Therapist, p. 1)

Please study the following three videos featuring Letta Neely, Terry Weisser and Jaiya. Notice the mindfulness of these three practitioners. You may wish to take notes. You will have to first login at and be sure you are logged in at These three video clips are each the first of a series. Like all video in this training, they are to inspire, influence and guide you as you begin your own erotic practice sessions.

1. Get Open (12:30 min):

“Liberate yourself” with solo erotic practice is poet Letta Neely’s message. This clip is only the first half of the practice session. You are certainly welcome to watch both parts.

2. Waking the Body Erotic (6 min):

Terry was bored with masturbation. Self-touch had been the same for the last ten years, with little evolution. It was time to change, time to re-educate and expand Terry’s sexual life. Bringing yoga and massage learnings into solosex, Terry’s erotic re-education involved three major behavioral changes: 1. Breathing consciously during practice sessions. 2. Moving to circulate the sexual energy. 3. Over time, stopping the use of porn and fantasy. This clip shows just the beginning of one of Terry’s practice sessions.

3. 101 Days of Self Pleasure- My History (6 min):

In the spring of 2010, Sexological Bodyworker Jaiya committed to 101 Days of Self-Pleasure. Each day, Jaiya reported about her erotic practice sessions in a short clip. All 101 of the video reports are available on youtube. Some of the clips have been viewed by just a few thousand individuals. Some have been watched by almost 100,000 people. In this clip that begins the 101 sessions, Jaiya addresses important suggestions for our personal erotic yoga practice in this training. She acknowledges how transformative this very assignment was during her own Sexological Bodywork training.

The Primacy of Mindful Practice

Profound embodied learning takes place when we repeat a practice mindfully over time as students do in their yoga practice. Conscious repetition is how humans learn sex; thus the yoga model of education is central for learning sex.

Most of the learning in this Sexological Bodywork training will take place during your personal practice sessions. Mindful erotic practice will be the primary method for learning in each of the three modules of this course: in the group online study, during the intensive, and for your supervised practice sessions after the intensive. What this means is that most of your learning, and the majority of your expanding erotic capacities, will happen during your practice. While practice has always been central to Sexological Bodywork, new developments in neuroscience have furthered our commitment to the primacy of mindful practice in sex education.

The Great Medicine of the 21st Century

At the beginning of this century, researchers (Lutz, Davidson) at the University of Wisconsin did studies of neural imaging on the brains of Tibetan monks as they meditated. They found that years of Tibetan mindfulness meditation actually changed and benefited the brain, especially the prefrontal cortex.

Other neuroscientists since have found that one doesn’t have to do Tibetan meditation to have these beneficial results. Being fully present during any mindfulness practice can be astonishingly beneficial for the practitioner. This is crucial information for us as somatic sex educators. As we coach people to evolve sexually, we are also assisting them as they embrace their full human potential.

Daniel Siegel is one of the neuroscientists who are researching how mindfulness practices systematically develop our “middle prefrontal functions that include regulating our bodies, attuning to others, having emotional balance, calming fear, pausing before acting, having insight and empathy, being moral in our thinking and our actions, and having more access to intuition.” Siegel continues: “With mindfulness practice we may become more nonjudgmental, develop equanimity, be more aware of what is going on as it is happening, and develop the capacity to label and describe with words our internal world. We may even develop the abiltiy to have more self-observation. " (The Mindful Therapist, p. 31)

In summary, erotic practices, when done mindfully over time, help us learn sex while benefiting the core of human well being! The most powerful therapeutic and educational modality we currently possess is mindful practice. In this training, you are invited on a communal educational journey of erotic practice. This journey can and will benefit you, your intimates and classmates, your students, and the vibrant green planet we all share.

Orgasmic Yoga Practice

You will begin your training as a Sexological Bodyworker with a month of daily Orgasmic Yoga practice sessions. During this month of conscious, open-hearted sexual arousal, you will explore what is erotically possible for you as an embodied human. This pleasurable ongoing practice of re-awakening and remembering the interior life of your body is crucial for your professional life, for your personal future, and for the evolution of the planet.

At its core, the month of Orgasmic Yoga invites embodied, mindful self-accountability. The self-directed practice sessions involve breathing, savoring, sound, movement, touch, placement of attention, and awareness of intention. Orgasmic Yoga is practiced where you are—solo or in the presence of companions you choose.

Erotic practice sessions weave together the heart and genitals. This alone is a profound reason to commit to practice. Orgasmic Yoga often produces a state of arousal that is free of fantasy, unfinished emotional business, religious dogma, cultural caveats and habitual sexual behaviors. In this erotic trance state, an individual becomes aware of the body as a source of wisdom, happiness and freedom.

Both Learning and Savoring

Orgasmic Yoga is a pleasurable, intimate and transformative discipline, practiced while sexually aroused. The intention of most practitioners is to develop or reclaim erotic capacities. Some individuals practice to savor the awesome feelings in their body. Thus, Orgasmic Yoga is both profound somatic education and embodied meditation. Most practice sessions begin with “doing” and end with “being.” Erotic meditation allows the individual to focus on what is substantial rather than what is superficial. Every practice session ends with a quiet period of experiencing one’s body as real in the present moment.

Somatic Learning

Orgasmic Yoga is a mindfulness practice. This means we place part of our attention on our practice and part on our intention for the practice. Intention is a bridge from the present moment to the next moment. Awareness of intention during repeated practice sessions triggers profound changes in prefrontal cortex connected to high levels of wellbeing.

Orgasmic Yoga involves a deep attention to sustained sexual arousal in the body in the present moment, which can be a place of great learning for the student. Masturbation can be a highly habitual and disembodied experience. Orgasmic Yoga is a very effective way to assist people to break free of limiting and unperceived habits and to go deep into their own embodied experience.

Thirty erotic practice sessions in thirty days offers motivated individuals the opportunity to make profound and meaningful changes by using erotic mindfulness as an educational strategy. The suggested Orgasmic Yoga Meditations in Assignment #1 are erotic choreographies designed so each practitioner has the freedom to vary the practice depending on their needs and intentions.

Creating Your Practice

Start by reading through the manual of Orgasmic Yoga Meditations. Print out or note the meditations/practices that interest you. You can choose to work with just one practice for the whole month or creatively weave together two or more of the suggested practices. You can choose to do a different practice each day and even make up your own practices.

It is important to choreograph powerful and pleasurable sessions that you are willing to do consistently. Thirty minutes is the recommended minimum amount of time to spend on Orgasmic Yoga each day. Some yogis will practice longer and others will do shorter sessions. The length of the practice session is less important than how present and aware you are during the practice. You can ask others to witness your practice or invite others to join you in practice. Orgasmic Yoga practice sessions are times we remember who we are, times when we become mindful of our intentions. But very little happens without the practice.

Orgasmic Yoga Check List

Every Orgasmic Yoga session includes the following:

1. A statement of intention(s) at the beginning. 2. A clear beginning and ending time. 3. A session structure, outline or choreography. 4. One or more minutes of Kegels. 5. Conscious breathing patterns. 6. Self touch. 7. Movement, stretching, and/or dancing. 8. Sounds, moans and laughter. 9. Quiet for the last five minutes of each session. 10. Reflection and note-taking after each session.

Sometimes Orgasmic Yoga sessions include:

1. Internal and/or external anal play. 2. Use of toys or vibrators. 3. Specially chosen music. 4. Invited witnesses. 5. Other practitioners. 6. Video cameras.

Frozen, Constricted, and Honest

Many humans, including sex educators, have lost their ability to arouse themselves through sensuous playing with their own bodies. Some in this class will find practice difficult, perhaps impossible. If you are one of those who is functionally frozen, who “doesn’t have time for erotic practice” or “doesn’t see the value,” please bring this up with your coach or one of the teaching staff. Do not miss this opportunity to restore your health and to re-educate your neurology.

Healthy Porn Watching

Many individuals regulate their sexual arousal using pornography and erotic fantasy. Pornography is used to make sexual arousal efficient and effortless. This dependence on erotic imagery as the source of one’s arousal can narrow our erotic capacities. If you consume a lot of pornography, you may need to begin your Orgasmic Yoga sessions by continuing to use these “unembodied” ways of getting aroused. You will find guidance about the healthy use of pornography and other erotic imagery in the Orgasmic Yoga Meditations #6 and #7.

Savor and Reflect

An integral part of Orgasmic Yoga is to savor and reflect upon the experience after you have completed each day’s practice. It is crucial that you rest quietly for at least five minutes at the end of your session, to simply be and breathe. This is similar to the yogic practice of savasana. We suggest that you then reflect on your experience in a journal or with a friend or lover.

There are many ways to assess your practice. Risa F. Kaparo in her book Awakening Somatic Intelligence: The Art and Practice of Embodied Mindfulness (p.93) suggests: “Better to rely on the following as indicators of beneficial practice:

“Greater freedom, Greater aliveness, Greater flow and interconnectedness, Greater relaxation and alertness."

Orgasmic Yoga can change your life and the lives of your loved ones. Somatic learning and erotic embodiment are gifts you give to your self. Watch, learn, practice, and savor.