Sexological Bodywork

Roy Turpin

Emeryville, California
Roy Turpin


I am a certified body therapist by The Institute For Educational Therapy in Berkeley, California & a sexologist certified by the State of California through The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, California. A graduate of JFK University's Transpersonal Counseling Program, I also have advanced training in Hakomi Therapy, Diamond Heart Training & Pelvic Release. With over 20 years of experience sharing my healing presence, I offer a holistic model of wellness called Touching The Source™ focusing on mental, physical, emotional & spiritual integration. Individuals & couples are encouraged to communicate their needs with compassion. By experiencing greater pleasure, a deeper embodiment of Eros is expressed in all areas of our lives.

I offer a menu of the following modalities:

Enneagram Bodywork™ (Integrates body & spirit by understanding character structure & essential states of consciousness)

  • Pelvic Release (Thorough internal/external bodywork of the hip & pelvis)
  • Genital Reflexology - (prostate, penile & vulva Shiatsu)
  • Orgasm/Masturbation Coaching for individuals, couples & groups
  • Emotional Release/Ecstatic Breathwork (Identifies tension brought on by physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual abuse - frees sexual shame & trauma by creating a more engaged presence)
  • Cranial/Sacral Balancing - StillPoint Massage (Using trigger points, an increase of free-flowing sensations is felt)

Private sessions are 1.5 - 2 hours. I can also provide customized intensive day-long sessions designed to meet your individual needs. I am available to speak with groups and provide hands-on training demonstrations.

For further information or to schedule an appointment, contact me. by phone: 510-594-1246
by email:
or online:

I work confidentially and respect any relationship orientation or gender identification!

Touching The Source™ - Sourcing Passion With Compassion!