Sexological Bodywork

Robyn Mason

San Francisco Bay Area
Robyn Mason

Journey of Discovery

Curiosity led you to this moment, where you begin a journey of discovery into transformational love, intimacy, sex and divinity ~ which of course, are all One! Here, you will discover an entirely new world of sensuality and empowerment opening up before you. A world of permission ~ to experience pleasure and arousal….an invitation to savor each delicious moment of sensation. A world of timelessness ~ allowing you to surrender to your deepest desires. A place to be nourished, energized and generate vitality from your own eternal spring of life force energy.

Intimacy Coaching

Intimacy Coaching provides a safe, nurturing place to begin exploring those areas of your life that you would like to experience a shift and become fully self-expressed. Somatic Sexology sessions use tender loving touch to help you access your own arousal, encouraging you to become aware of sensation and practicing the immense power in communicating your desires. Experience intimacy and connection beyond your wildest dreams ~ and discover the freedom that you have always known is available to you.

You are Invited

Please visit my beautiful website which describes all the services I provide and addresses frequent questions regarding the profession, ethical guidelines and rates.

Robyn Mason, CSB

Somatic Sexologist and Intimacy Coach