Sexological Bodywork

Robi Pellett

MA, CSB Seattle Washington
Robi Pellett

As a Sexological Bodyworker, I invite you to consider the possibility of a more deeply embodied sensual life. Through the use of witnessing, breath, and touch, I will provide you with opportunities to learn to live more deeply in the immediate moments of your life .

Using the power of eros as a medium to explore yourself within, I will meet you where you are right now and assist you on your journey of sexual and spiritual growth.

I have a background in psychology, bodywork, and meditation. I have training in such modalities as psychodrama, improv theatre, movement therapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, neuro-muscular reeducation, breathwork, mindfulness training, object-relations psychotherapy, and life coaching in addition to receiving a certification from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in Sexological Bodywork. But more important then all these various skills, is my commitment to simply be present with you during our sessions.

There are a variety of possible intentions you might have for exploration and learning with me, such as

  • Learning to ask for what you want
  • Learning your sexual anatomy
  • Release of the pelvic muscular pain
  • Increasing the capacity for pleasure
  • Addressing sexual dysfunction concerns

In addition to seeing men, women, and couples who want to increase their capacity for pleasure, I specialize is working with individuals who have had surgery or other physical trauma that has impacted their ability to enjoy sensual pleasure.

My sessions are 90 minutes long at a fee of $150. I welcome people of any relationship orientation, and gender identification. I also offer a free 10 minute consultation by phone. To consult or arrange an appointment please call

Robi Pellett