Sexological Bodywork

The Sexcessful Workshop Seminar!

Effective Skills for Designing, Marketing and Presenting Sexuality Workshops that Change the World!

An eight-week online program designed to support you through the process of creating a sexuality workshop full of brilliant content uniquely yours, which is well-attended and financially sustainable!

Eight Sundays from January 11 through March 8, 2015.
No class on February 22.
5 -6 PM Pacific Time

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In this 8-week program you will learn:

  • How to pitch your workshop so that exactly the right people show up
  • How to write hot marketing copy that speaks to your ideal student
  • How to clearly articulate the purpose and intentions of your class
  • How to clearly articulate the benefits of your class, so they are the answer to the question your ideal student has
  • How to develop a marketing strategy using social media, blogs, networking, print materials, publications and online calendars
  • How to develop high quality, original content that taps your unique brilliance
  • Charisma skills
  • Classroom management techniques
  • How to make your workshops be a place where your students meet you and develop a relationship with you as their trusted advisor, and then later flow into your private practice
  • How to differentiate in a saturated market, rather than compete
  • How to structure curriculum that is engaging, well-timed and experiential
  • Hold learning as it happens over time, and support the integration in your students
  • How to create safer containers so that students feel safe to relax vigilance and engage with new ideas
  • How to give permission effortlessly, so that your students can adjust the material to meet their own needs
  • To read what’s happening in the room and make sure your students are staying engaged
  • To deal effectively with disruptive students who are trying to meet needs in the class that are not within the class container
  • To make your teaching relevant so that it serves the needs of your students
  • The biggest mistakes sex educators make, and how not to make them!