Sexological Bodywork

The Heart of Sexological Bodywork: Coaching Mindful Erotic Practice

Training for Somatic Professionals and Sex Coaches with Joseph Kramer, Ph.D.
Zürich Intensive: October 23-26, 2014 Online Group Study: October 10-November 7, 2014

This training in sex coaching and somatic sex education is offered exclusively to somatic therapists, sex educators and other body-based practitioners, committed to the sexual well-being of their communities, their students and their clients. The training includes four days of in-the-flesh learning, plus four weeks of collaborative online group learning and at-home practice.

Joseph will be teaching a form of somatic sex education and coaching that works quickly–with amazing changes and transformations within a month. We invite you to join us and experience this self-directed, practice-based learning method.

The online group study requires 8-10 hours per week of erotic practice sessions, viewing video demonstrations, reading, and communicating with classmates. Participants will each have a coach who is available by email and phone to assist them in their learning. Participants will make use of video demonstrations and teachings at and Your tuition includes a one-year membership at both of these online schools. The core of the learning in the Group Online Study is found within the daily erotic practice sessions.

Participants in the training will explore:

  • Solo and coupled erotic mindfulness practices such as vaginal mapping
  • The body as a trusted source of wisdom
  • Connecting heart and genitals, love and sexual arousal
  • Coaching transformative and embodied porn watching
  • Somatic learning theory and active receiving
  • Helping others move through resistances and distractions.

Some questions we will explore: How can we coach others to the fastest and simplest path to erotic learning? How do we guide erotic practice while maintaining professional boundaries?

With your enrollment tuition, please send brief email introducing yourself to Joseph. Tell him why you are taking this training. Please tell him about your work as a somatic professional. kramer(at)

Tuition: 800 Euros (700 Euros if paid by in full by August 10.)

To enroll or for further information on the Zürich training, please contact Didi Liebold at 0041786485695 or by email at

Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., is the foremost teacher of erotic massage in the world. He founded the new legal profession of Sexological Bodywork in California in 2003. He is on the faculty of The International Institute of Sexological Bodywork in Zürich. Joseph offers over sixty hours of sex education video at and