Sexological Bodywork

Miri Fairchild

Sex Educator

Miri Fairchild

My approach is about presence and acceptance -- about encouraging you to focus inside your body, embrace your energy, observe how your mind may judge, and focus all your attention on the Now. As humans, we tend to invest ourselves in our personal history, and the pain that stems from it. We unconsciously cling to that pain and allow it to shape our life experiences. In my sexological bodywork sessions, the focus is less on the past or future, but rather on the Here and Now. In working with you, I draw on the techniques of my teachers to guide you to an ever deepening place of Being.

My commitment to the embodied, well-being of others has led me to study a variety of modalities involving massage, breath, and movement. I am a trained sexologist, with a certification in Sexological Bodywork, approved by the state of California. I also am a California-certified massage therapist. Embodied Bliss is the culmination of 20-years of professional service as a somatic teacher and body worker.

Sexological bodywork combines breath, massage, movement, and communication. These modalities are used - alone or in combination - to nurture, deepen or awaken the sensual-self. Whether you want to heal feelings of sexual shame, better express your desires, or deepen erotic pleasure, I welcome you on a journey toward embodied bliss.

  • Breath is the heart and soul of sexual healing and ecstasy.
  • Massage deepens sensory awareness and transforms shame.
  • Movement restores the body's inherent ability to heal itself.
  • Communication affirms intention.

In sexological bodywork sessions, you will learn how to use orgasmic breathing to experience ecstasy and embodied wholeness. Breathing is combined with other techniques that nurture embodiment. Pelvic-opening massage relaxes the body and facilitates feelings of creativity and bliss. Taoist erotic massage deepens sensory awareness and can be used to strengthen sexual energy. Masturbation coaching inspires people toward self-acceptance and may also enhance partner sex.

Individuals and couples seek out sexological bodywork for many different reasons:


  • Express your wants and desires.
  • Overcome sexual shame.
  • Sustain sexual arousal.
  • Overcome feelings of shame.
  • Have, expand, or control orgasm
  • Connect sexual and spiritual energy.


  • Deepen attentiveness and empathy.
  • Express your needs and desires.
  • Make "warm" love when sex is no longer "hot".
  • Deepen pleasuring skills.
  • Overcome performance anxiety.
  • Explore lovemaking and special needs.

Sessions are carefully designed with your input to meet your learning objectives. I recommend an introductory series of three to five sessions, with ongoing evaluation and refinement. I assign homework so that you can continue this profound journey toward embodied bliss at home.

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