Sexological Bodywork

Margaret Wade

San Francisco Bay Area
Margaret Wade

Life Re-creation Using Your Personal Sexual Power

As humans, our sexual energy contains our greatest potential for creation. When flowing freely through our being, this energy supports personal healing and the flowering of our fondest dreams. Renewing the connection between our hearts and our sexuality aligns us with our highest purposes in life.

In a committed relationship, partners can facilitate each other's process of blossoming into their ideal selves. Develop your connection using guided breathing, eye gazing, directed communication, touching, and home play assignments.

I invite you to a guided process of personal self-discovery and expansion, and the subsequent integration of new ways of being with yourself and with the others in your life. Reconnect with your creative core. Live in flow.

What I Do

I work with those in committed relationships, and women who are developing a new relationship with themselves as they move through life changes. In our first meeting, we will plan a series of sessions to attain your desired intentions. Techniques shared are breathwork, movement, verbal and non-verbal communication, and conscious touching. Home play practices are assigned between appointments.


I have more than 20 years of experience facilitating transformational experiences using bodywork, breathwork and movement.

Pricing by session, by series or by the month.


Margaret Wade, M.S., is an adult educator, writer, editor and certified sexological bodyworker. She has designed and taught classes for colleges, dotcoms and NASA. She helped Joseph Kramer design and teach Sexological Bodywork for The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, the first course offering state certification in embodied sexology.