Sexological Bodywork

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Sexological Bodywork Certificate Training 2018 - Munich (in deutscher Sprache)

The International Institute for Sexological Bodywork in Switzerland offers professional trainings for somatic sex educators. This curriculum both includes and expands upon the original California course of studies.

2018 Course Dates in Munich: February 26, 2018–-July 22, 2018
Module I: Online Group Study, Part I: 26 February-–29 April
Module II: Embodiment Intensive, Part I: 30 April–6 May near Munich
Module I: Online Group Study, Part II: 7 May-–17 June
Module II: Embodiment Intensive, Part II: 18 June–24 June
Module I: Online Group Study, Part III: 25 June–22 July
Module III: Supervised Teaching: 50 sessions and classes.

Embodied Intensive will be held at Seminarhaus Hof Integra:

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Faculty: Manu Roland Meier, CSB, and Brigitta Jecko, CSB.

Tuition: CHF 3480 or EUR 3100
There is a tuition discount for early payment.

Tuition includes online access to the online study workbook, video demonstrations, and student forums–plus a one-year membership to The New School of Erotic Touch and The Orgasmic Yoga Institute, the major online resources for Sexological Bodyworkers. Tuition does not include text books.

For more information, contact Brigitta Jecko or Manu Roland Meier at +41 (0) 61 302 41 84 or by email at