Sexological Bodywork

Ken Stofft

San Leandro, Bay Area
Ken Stofft

Over the past twenty some years I have been involved in men’s work, both of mind and body, in Portland, OR, Atlanta, GA, and the Washington, DC area. I have extensive experience in the fields of addictions counseling and energy work. Trained and State certified as a Sexological Bodyworker by The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, CA, I am a Somatic Coach for those who identify as male (gay, bi, straight, F2M transsexual).

My Somatic Coaching assists men to embody their lives passionately, authentically, and purposefully. I work with men who want to embody their sexuality in ways that are in their best interests, free of stereotypical restraints, and vibrantly alive. My approach uses breathwork, touch, sound, movement, and imagination, providing a safe and non-judgmental environment.

It is often difficult for men, if not impossible, to explore their sexuality without judgments, shame, guilt due to numerous cultural, religious, and societal beliefs. I work with them in reframing and creating a belief system that enables them to experience their own inner authority living their lives erotically, sensually, and sexually alive proud of who they are.

I am available for on site coaching face to face as well as by phone/cam, willing to coach anywhere in the USA. For more information, go to: www. and contact me at: or 703-351-7494.

Thank you -- Ken