Sexological Bodywork

Katie Sarra

Katie is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Art Psychotherapist, Playback Theatre performer, Artist and co-founder of the The Sea School of Embodiment, www.seaschoolofembodiment.

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Visit her in Dawlish, Devon, UK. or meet with her by Skype/Zoom.

Katie Sarra

I believe that every human being has needs to feel useful, having gifts to share with others intimately and as part of community. Our ease in intimacy with ourselves ripples out to feeling at ease with others.
I welcome people of all ages, abilities and genders wanting to recover and remember themselves with kindness and acceptance and to explore and experiment with new ways of being or learn from the beginning.

When we’ve been hurt and felt alone with it, the nervous system effectively restricts receptivity through the senses to make it less painful to bear. Traumas big and small or adaptive habits can be held in the body over time in a myriad of ways creating unseen adhesions that restrict function and emotional connectivity. We can find ourselves in looping patterns of inhibition or distress. We discover together your naturalness and what you are wanting to welcome into your life. I guide and support effective step by step routes into embodiment enabling felt foundations of intuition and sensory awareness to come back online.

Sensory awakening also opens us to feeling the feelings we have felt alone with. It takes courage. Here is an opportunity to come home to yourself liberated from loneliness. I understand how it can hurt feeling separation from joy, creativity and gratitude. Learning to feel our bodies physical, emotional, sensual and erotic inner and outer landscapes as resources with our senses back on line supports us to be more in choice with our relationship and intimate decisions.

Feeling connected again requires repeated trusted experiences of feeling relaxed and safe enough to feel more. Betty Martin’s wheel of consent informs the foundations of my practice supporting the foundations of trust to be felt. Here is hope for creating new neural pathways to fire and, with practice, wire.

Sessions are private and held at the Sea School of Embodiment in the sea side town of Dawlish a few minutes walk from the beach and train station. I am a professional member of ASIS (Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists.

Katie has facilitated my inner person to become my outer person." J.H Devon

Katie Sarra, BA Hons fine art, Post grad dip Art Therapy, CSB, CSSE. Dawlish, Devon. UK. & Skype/Zoom +44 7540 571 745