Sexological Bodywork

K. Ruby

San Francisco Bay Area
K. Ruby

At the core of my work as a Sexological Bodyworker is my belief in the miracle of the body and the privilege of living life through the richness of the body's sensual facilities. In both my classes and my private sessions I invite you to inhabit your ecstatic body and gain access to your authenticity through simple, yet deeply effective techniques of breath, movement, touch and communication. My intent is to offer you opportunities to get to know your sexual self more fully, to articulate your boundaries and desires, to release shame and negative belief systems, to gain sexual confidence and to discover new pathways to bliss.

My present teaching is informed by my certifications in Sexological Bodywork and Massage Therapy as well as ongoing study of breathwork, co-counseling, life coaching, contact dance, visceral massage, nutrition, herbalism and the enneagram. My interests and experience in the area of sexuality include alternative lifestyles, sexual health, gender and sexual trauma. I have taught intimacy and sexuality courses for the Body Electric School and presently offer somatic sex education courses in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Germany. Students and workshop participants tell me that I put them at ease with my clear communication style and ability to create safe space.

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Private Sessions

My private sessions for men, women and transgendered persons can involve coaching, conscious touch, pelvic release, prostate and g-spot education, breathwork, emotional release & exploration of erotic trance. I also offer training for couples in sensual touch and intimate communication skills.

Classes & Workshops

I currently teach in the San Francisco Bay Area and Germany, but I will gladly travel should you wish to organize a workshop in your area. Please contact me for detailed description of my curriculum, availability and pricing or to have me add you to my mailing list for upcoming events.

Sexual Empowerment & Sacred Sexuality for Women

Weekend intensive

The Awesome Mystery of the Yoni

For women and their partners

Prostate Massage for Pleasure & Health

For men and their partners

Transforming Trauma

Gentle somatic education for survivors

Revolutionary Breathwork & Erotic Trance

Introduction to the power of breath

Boundaries & Desires

Exploring yes, no & maybe

Sex Talk for Parents

Learn to talk to your kids about sex

Feast of the Senses

Sensate community ritual experience


Movement playshop for all levels