Sexological Bodywork

EveLynn Maurine

EveLynn Maurine


EveLynn Maurine, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, offers sensual awareness and trans-formative programs in the warmth of her home and sanctuary in suburban Orlando, Florida.

Her body-based teaching benefits those who wish to address issues such as performance anxiety, physical challenges, emotional and physical trauma, stress, feelings of inadequacy or lack of sexual experience or knowledge.

Private Sessions for Women

Sacred Haven offers women a safe, discrete and loving environment to openly discuss, explore and discover all aspects of self. Sexological bodywork will help her understand how her body, breathe and relaxation work to awaken to the Goddess within.

Private Sessions for Men

Sexological bodywork for men provides opportunity for him to explore the depths of the sensual self without shame. He will receive guidance and understanding concerning issues that pertain specifically to the male and his sexual being.

Private Sessions for Couples and Partner Pairs

In a world full of hustle-bustle life situations, coupled with taboos surrounding our sexual selves, it is to literally "loose touch" with one another. At Sacred Haven, couples and partner pairs find new meaning to the term "togetherness" and learn how to breathe new life into relationship.

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