Sexological Bodywork

Charla Hathaway

Austin, Texas
Charla Hathaway

Journey into the Heart of your Sexuality with a passionate and skilled sexological bodyworker, Charla. I will guide you breath by breath, touch by touch, into the timeless and treasured moments of Erotic Trance.

Together we will drop down into another way of being--
Deep into the body,
Deep into ecstatic surrender,
Deep into your innate sensuality.

You will open your heart and trust the joy you find there:
Beyond thinking….is simply observing.
Beyond controlling…is grace and freedom.
Beyond doing…is simply being.

Be with me and I will lead you through your breath into altered, suspended states of joy. I will guide you safely and comfortably into the awe and wonder of each moment. There is no trying, hoping, or working at it. Claim the pleasure you were born to embody.

In sessions (or classes) with me you will learn:

  • Expanded orgasmic potential for both men and women
  • Enhanced ejaculatory mastery for extended arousal
  • Enriched pleasure from the male and female sacred-spot
  • Compassionate communication for soul-nourishing relationships.

Author of Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal, trained in Esalen massage and Tantra (Sacred Sexuality), I founded Austin’s BodyJoy, School of the Erotic Arts, and coach individuals and groups in spiritual-erotic play.

"Charla is the perfect blend of turned-on positive sex education, intimacy, and uninhibited fun. She blends sensuality and nurturing." Austin, Texas

Charla Hathaway