Sexological Bodywork

Savoring Erotic Trance States--Australia

Four Days of Learning Taoist Erotic Massage Followed by a Month of Online Learning and Home Practice Sessions in The Yoga of Penis Massage and The Yoga of Vulva Massage Facilitated by Joseph Kramer PhD and a team of Sexological Bodyworkers

Erotic Touch Retreat at Gunnebah 20-24 October 2010

Month of Online Learning and Home Practice 14 October—15 November

Pioneering women and men are invited to a life-changing month of connecting their hearts with the aroused genitals. You will be guided in giving and receiving Taoist Erotic Massage as an erotic yoga practice. This erotic adventure for both individuals and couples includes four days of in-the-flesh training atGunnebah Retreat and a month of home practice sessions guided by online video demonstrations at The New School of Erotic Touch, Joseph Kramer will offer coaching and encouragement in four telephone gatherings. Your erotic massage sessions may be with one person or with many lovers and friends. Since the most profound somatic learning is self-directed, you choose your own level of participation in this sensuous training.

Erotic Touch Retreat 20-24 October 2010 Gunnebah, NSW

Communal erotic trance states experienced in nature are nourishing and transformative beyond what most think is erotically possible. Join us. Liberate your heart and genitals from habit. Increase your capacity for intimacy and pleasure. In these four days, you will touch and be touched by your fellow erotic explorers. Committed couples can choose to massage only their partners. After learning the fundamentals of Taoist Erotic Massage and The Wondrous Big Draw, you will experiment with three advanced forms of this massage. The core learning will involve both savoring and making use of the astonishing erotic trance states these massages produce. You will be supported in carrying the retreat experiences into your regular practice for this month and beyond.

Erotic Home Schooling and Practice A Month of Expanding Erotic Capacities 14 October—15 November, 2010

In the weeks following our communal erotic touch retreat, we will explore more deeply the altered states of consciousness that come from giving and receiving the different forms of Taoist Erotic Massage. Most individuals learn sexual skills more effectively through self-directed practice sessions over time than by attending classes and workshops. Online course materials, video demonstrations and phone coaching sessions will assist you in accessing and making use of a variety of erotic trance states. Some participants will give and receive a weekly Taoist Erotic Massage in addition to our time at Gunnebah. Others will choose to give and receive as much Taoist Erotic Massage as possible. You choose your own level of participation. Individuals and couples of all sexual preferences and orientations are welcome.

Group Phone Coaching 18, 25 October and 1, 8, 15 November at 7pm

The training begins on 18 October at 7pm with the first of five phone coaching sessions. In this first session, Joseph will lead us in several breathing meditations and offer guidance in ways to place our attention on erotic trance states. There will be time for questions. The phone sessions are to help you direct your own learning in making optimum use of the Taoist Erotic Massage. You can benefit from this training without participating in any of the phone coaching sessions.

What is Taoist Erotic Massage?

Taoist Erotic Massage is an erotic-spiritual practice that connects the genitals with all parts of one’s body. The result is erotic embodiment. The massage involves conscious breathing, prolonged sexual stimulation and a yogic technique called The Wondrous Big Draw. Joseph Kramer, who developed this massage, says, “This is the LSD of the twenty-first century.”

Joseph Kramer, who developed this massage, says, “This is the LSD of the twenty-first century.” You can find Joseph’s doctoral dissertation about Taoist Erotic Massage here. Ben Haggard has practiced Taoist Erotic Massage as an erotic-spiritual practice for almost twenty years. He speaks about that experience here and the transcription of his speaking is here. Students enrolled at The New School of Erotic Touch can view Taoist Erotic Massage video lessons here and here.

Tuition (includes a month of Training from Joseph Kramer and Ellen Heed, Gunnebah accommodations, online workbook, training videos, participant forums and group phone coaching.)
$1250 if paid in full before May 31.
$1650 if paid in full before July 31.
$1950 after July 31.
Tuition fees are in Australian dollars and include GST.

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